Company Story

We are a global corporation which provides a multitude of services. All our services are centered around enhancing the lives of our partners and clients.

We Provide Premium Services in Multiple Industries

We provide personalized home care services for you and your love ones. We have over 20 years of experience in providing care. Caring for the sick and elderly comes nature to us..

Our company has been fully audited and licensed by the Minnesota Department of Health. Our Team also consists of healthcare providers such as Nurses, Doctors and Practitioners.

e help family's realize get the homes of their dreams. We have a team of hard working people who are fully dedicated to the process of construction.

For those who are foreign to the Land, we can help you legally secure your property and provide you financing options when building your home. .

We provide financial education services to people in various levels of income brackets. We provide tools which helps our clients create wealth.

We educate people how to create a personalized credit repair and debt repayment plans. We provide tools for budgeting and will creations.


Why Do Business With Us?

From Our Team,
Welcome To Glazon Group

Real people waiting to help you solve a real problem.

Through our Live Chat or Client Accounts

You can reach to a real live person and request an update on your projects. You can request a custom quote and even pay invoices. You are given a realtime dashboard for project updates.

Our Customers
Service Rating

  • Responds Satisfaction93%
  • Tickets Responds95%
  • Real People100%

  • The staff at Glazon Group are highly professional and punctual. One thing we looked for in any company is the ability to conduct services with high quality and punctuality and with Glazon Group we were able to get just that.
  • I would recommend anybody who wants to get a home build in Liberia to work with these guys. It completely takes the burden of you and you can focus on working in the United States to save up money for your project. They are professional and transparent
  • I think for me the best part of working with Glazon Group is their project management tracking software. Each week we get a progress report of our house. We see pictures, videos and estimates of our home. This provides a great relief to us.
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