We are a group of companies, with a singular mission

G lazon Group, Incorporation is a multi-national corporation which provides services in multiple industries including personalized healthcare services, construction and real estate development, logistics and financial education. We do business in the United States, West and South Africa, the Middle East and Canada.

Our business started in Philadelphia, United States in the 2010 and have soon moved to Rochester, Minnesota United States in 2018. We moved to Rochester because we wanted to have a strong emphasis on our personalized healthcare service.

Rochester is the home to Mayo Health Systems and has been designated as the medical destination of the world. We are truly proud to be apart of this wonderful city, where we can provide care services.

Secondly, we provide real estate development and construction services to families in the diaspora who are looking to get a second home in Africa. We know trust is a big deal. We also recognized that family are loosing money when they attempts to blindly build a home while residing in the diaspora. So we intend to provide the security and assurance to our clients.

Allen Doe

CEO and Chairman

+61 (0) 3 8376 6284

Allen has 20 plus years in real estate development and business management.

Zohn Teayee Gbieor

Chief Opperation Officer


Zohn has 30 years in business management, leadership and sales.

Gehmime Tehmen

Operation Officer

+61 (0) 3 8376 6284

Gehmime has 15 plus years experience in construction and development.

Diahn F Zeon

President of Security

+61 (0) 3 8376 6284

Diahn 30 years experience in private security

Architectural Designer
Emerson Slanger

Emerson has 15 years experience in architectural design.

Executive Administrator.
Justine Doe

Manage the day to day affairs of the global company

Marketing Manager
Mark David Preston

Lead the marketing and sales department

Human Resources
Alice Diana King

Seek and provided talented individual a career opportunity

Our Collective Experiences Enables Us to Serve in These Industries

Healthcare Service

Our team has served in all aspect of healthcare service. Ranging from ancillary staff levels to management .


Over the last decade, we have developed and renovated dozens of homes for families.


For people looking to ship material to Liberia, we have an amazing logistic department.

Financial Education

We hav a robust financial education services department, which can help you manage you finances

Properity Management

We help you secure the legal deeds to your property, develop a plan and build your dream home.

Real Estate

We help you secure buy and renovate an already existing property

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