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We provide you a complete break down of the raw material needed to construct your home. See a list of cost examples. Building Material and Construction Material.
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Rochester, Minnesota
55901, USA

Telephone: +1 (612)-610-1475


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Comprehensive Cost

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You can track the progress of your project in our client portal. Once your project is complete an executive will personally hand you the keys.
Client Portal and Completed Project.
We insure every project to make sure that our clients get what they pay for.

Rochester, Minnesota
55901, USA

Telephone: +1 (612)-610-1475


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Frequently Asked Questions

1How do you start the process?
First one of our representative meets with you to discuss your need. We have to get a complete picture of what you are looking to achieve.
2What are the cost for a small family home?
Each home price is different. Even homes that are similar size might have a different price, partly because of its design, location and complexity.
3How do you secure my project?
We secure your project by first getting a complete appraisal. Then we put a direct insurance on the project itself. The insurance makes sure you do not take a loss if the project was to fail.
4Why should I start my project with Glazon Group?
We have both an American company and a company branch based in Africa. All we are legally bind by the laws of the United States to ensure we complete your project.
5Can I bring my own lawyers?
Yes, you can bring a lawyers who can inspect our contract before we start the project. We also have our legal representative who can explain the contract to you in detail.
6How long will by project take?
Usually from 3 to 6 months depending on the complexity of the project. However, factors such as late payments, unreadiness, land legal dispute and unfavorable whether conditions might slow down the project.
7How do I track the progress of my project?
We have a customer portal and mobile application which you can use to login and track your project from start to end.
8How do I make payments?
Through our customer portal, you can see new invoice, milestones completed and payments history. You can pay invoice as well.
9When can I start my project?
As soon as possible, we have a large work force awaiting your project. Simply call, or message us at 612-210-1475 or

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Read our story. Be believe that those who believe in what we believe, will see the value in what we are trying to achieve. If You are such a person, we would be glad to work with you.

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